Monday, July 21, 2008

Vermont 100-A short update

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to leave a quick note about the Vermont 100. First off, I did finish the course in 29:23.48, yea that is over a day running! I decided I wanted to get my monies worth and see as much of the course for as long as possible. Actually, as we were arriving and saw the mountains that I was going to be running up and down, I changed my focus from a certain finishing time to completing the course within the time limits. The course was beautiful yet very sadistic. We were either going up or down the whole race with one portion going over 3 miles up at a very steep incline that you almost (well some did) had to use your hands to help you get up it. There were many who did not complete the race due to various reasons: dehydration, over hydration which lead to renal failure, injuries, some real ugly blisters, etc. I will do a detailed report shortly. I figure I have to take a least a week off to recuperate so I should have time to write it up. The below link is the finishing times. The race director will have to sort it out due to the 100 mile runners and 100K runners times are mixed up. I'm not really used to finishing that far down the list, but it was just for practice, next year I'm racing it!

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Peter Shoemaker said...

Hey, AJ, I was glad to see you jammed right on through. Congrats.